Antibody Fragment Conjugates

This approach uses a large molecular weight polyethylene glycol conjugated to antibody fragments. The specially designed PEG then becomes part of the antibody fragment Fc. Since the antibody fragment is more like a biologic, this conjugation has a branched architecture with either stable or degradable linkage.

Where might this conjugation technique be beneficial?

  • Parenterally administered molecules
  • Need to enhance pharmacokinetics
    • The target of this conjugation is improved toxicity profile, extended half-life, and ease of synthesis with the antibody

Why use the Antibody Fragment Conjugates?

  • Reduce antigenicity
  • Reduce glomerular filtration rate
  • Identify to proper linkage site to facilitate the re-production of identical conjugates from batch to batch
  • Must still retain antigen-binding affinity and recognition

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