Large Molecule Polymer Conjugates

This platform builds on Nektar's expertise in enabling the successful PEGylated biologics on the market today. The approach has been designed to enable peptides, which are much smaller in size than biologics. Peptides are important in modulating many physiological processes in the body. Some of the benefits of working with peptides are: they are small, easily optimized, and can be quickly investigated for therapeutic potential. However, peptide drug discovery has been slowed by the extremely short half-life and limited bioavailability of these molecules.

Nektar scientists have designed a novel hydrolyzable linker that can be used to optimize the bioactivity of a peptide. Since the surface area of peptides is much smaller than larger biologics, the older PEGylation approaches can not be used. Through rational drug design and the use of Nektar's approach, a peptide's pharmacokinetics can be substantially improved and its half-life can be significantly extended. The approach can be used with proteins and larger molecules, as well.

Nektar is in the early stages of research with a number of peptides that utilize this proprietary approach.

Through advanced medicinal chemistry and an understanding of the structure-activity relationship of the peptide, a polymer is designed and conjugated to the peptide or protein with a hydrolyzable linkage. The linkage allows for a programmed and complete release of the therapeutic to optimize its bioactivity and allow it to bind to this receptor in its natural state.

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