Nektar's proprietary Advanced Polymer Conjugate Technology platform allows for a custom approach that capitalizes on the properties of polymer medicinal chemistry and an understanding of both a drug's characteristics and the body's mechanisms.

Our scientists identify specific drug molecules, both large and small, that with customized chemical modification using uniquely-designed polymers can be enabled or made more efficacious. With our proprietary conjugate approaches, suboptimal drugs can be designed to dial in desired therapeutic properties and create an optimized and potentially superior therapeutic.

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Featured Publications on Nektar's Technology Platform
2008 Review Article in Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Scientific and Medical Events
June 1-5, 2012 2012 ASCO Annual Meeting Chicago, Illinois
June 8-14, 2012 74th Annual Meeting: College on Problems of Drug Dependence Palm Springs, CA
June 10-12, 2012 The International Conference on Opioids Boston, MA
September 13-15, 2012 ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium San Francisco, CA
September 23-25, 2012 2012 ACCP Annual Meeting San Diego, CA
September 28 - October 2, 2012 ESMO 2012 Vienna, Austria
October 4-7, 2012 14th Annual Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium Chicago, IL
October 13-17, 2012 Society for Neuroscience: Neuroscience 2012 New Orleans, LA
October 14-18, 2012 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting Chicago, IL
November 6-10, 2012 Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium New York, NY
December 4-8, 2012 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium San Antonio, TX
"When we design a new drug candidate, we bring together our knowledge of a drug with our understanding of medicinal polymer chemistry and the body's mechanisms. This allows us to turn a sub-optimal drug into a new chemical entity with the potential to be more efficacious and have more desirable characteristics."

Timothy A. Riley, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Global Research

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