Bempegaldesleukin (BEMPEG/NKTR-214)

Bempegaldesleukin (BEMPEG/NKTR-214), Nektar's Lead Immuno-oncology Candidate

Bempegaldesleukin (BEMPEG/NKTR-214) is an immunostimulatory IL-2 cytokine prodrug which has been engineered to deliver a controlled, sustained, and preferential IL-2 pathway signal.

BEMPEG works by stimulating and expanding specific cancer-killing T-cells and natural killer (NK) cells without expanding intratumoral regulatory T cells, which dampen the immune response.

Bristol Myers Squibb and Nektar are actively advancing five registrational programs and one mid-stage program for BEMPEG in combination with nivolumab (OPDIVO®). The combination of BEMPEG and nivolumab leverages two clinically validated complementary IO pathways to unleash the full effect of the immune system against cancer.

BEMPEG is also being developed in partnership with Merck and SFJ Pharmaceuticals in a Phase 2/3 study in patients with metastatic head and neck cancer whose tumors express PD-L1.

Additional clinical studies evaluating BEMPEG in combination with other agents, such as cancer vaccines, are also underway. BEMPEG is also being evaluated as a potential treatment for mild COVID-19.

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