Research Platform and Approach

Advancing the Power of Immunomodulating Therapies

At Nektar Therapeutics, we specialize in creating novel therapies aimed at selectively modulating pathways within the immune system that play critical roles in a wide range of serious diseases. Specifically in autoimmune disorders, our focus is on addressing imbalances in the immune system to restore the body’s self-tolerance mechanisms and achieve immune homeostasis.

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Our Approach to Innovation & Discovery

Through our deep understanding of immunology and the various pathways within the immunity cycle, we identify targets with the well-characterized ability to upregulate or downregulate the immune system.  We then use our unparalleled expertise in polymer chemistry to create one-of-a-kind, highly-selective medicines with optimized therapeutic properties.

With our proprietary chemistry platform, a broad range of valuable functional attributes become accessible to new therapies. For example, we have developed methods to:

  • Tune receptor selectivity to achieve the proper balance of therapeutic action
  • Significantly prolong the amount of time a medicine circulates in the body to extend the duration of its activity