Rezpegaldesleukin (REZPEG/NKTR-358)

Rezpegaldesleukin (REZPEG/NKTR-358)

REZPEG (NKTR-358) is a novel first-in-class regulatory T (Treg) cell stimulator designed to address the imbalance in the immune system underlying autoimmune disorders and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Research suggests that suboptimal levels of Treg cells, powerful inhibitory immune cells, and lack of Treg cell activity may underlie the development of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, including lupus and psoriasis.

REZPEG(NKTR-358) works by targeting the IL-2 receptor complex and preferentially stimulating the proliferation of Treg cells without stimulating cytotoxic CD8+ T and CD4+ T cells, which drive autoimmune disease. Activation of Tregs suppresses disease-causing T cells and restores the body’s self-tolerance mechanisms.

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